What does sea level rise mean for Northeast Florida? 

With up to 6.6 feet projected by the end of the century, what’s being done to protect life on the First Coast?  

In this edition of ADAPT, you’ll find profiles of some of the people who are grappling with the effects of climate change and coming up with solutions. Read their Q&As or listen to the ADAPT podcast for more in-depth conversations with them. 

ADAPT also includes original reporting about the effects of climate change, on everything from endangered species to drinking water, coastal economies and the U.S. Navy, as well as curated stories about what’s happening in other places.

And at ADAPT events, held annually in Jacksonville, Florida, the public is invited to talk with experts and hear what they can do, collectively, to deal with rising waters. 

As you read and listen, we invite your feedback. Please feel free to tell us your story ideas, ask questions or make suggestions here.   

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ADAPT Advisory Board

Sunshine Menezes
Clinical Associate Professor of Environmental Communication
Executive Director, Metcalf Institute for Marine & Environmental Reporting

John Upton
Journalism Partnerships Editor, Climate Central

Elizabeth Payne
CEO, Northeast Florida Regional Planning Council

Shana Udvardy
Climate Resilience Analyst, Union of Concerned Scientists

Thomas Ruppert
Coastal Planning Specialist, Florida Sea Grant College Program, University of Florida

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