A Q&A With Jacksonville’s First-Ever Chief Resilience Officer

Anne Coglianese, Jacksonville’s first CRO, has been on the job since July, 2021. She came to Jacksonville from New Orleans, where she served as Coastal Resilience Manager from 2017 to 2020.

Your Flood Insurance Premium Will Probably Rise; Climate Change And Coastal Development Are To Blame

The vast majority of the more than 1.7 million households in Florida that have flood insurance policies through the National Flood Insurance Program will likely see their rates rise as Congress faces a Sept. 30 deadline to reauthorize the program that’s drowning in debt.

A Florida City Wanted To Move Away From Fossil Fuels. The State Made Sure It Couldn’t.

The story behind Florida’s new laws that strip cities of their ability to fight climate change.

What Jacksonville Can Learn From Nashville About Fighting Climate Change

Compared with Nashville, Jacksonville is doing relatively little to reduce its carbon footprint and does not have a climate action plan — although many believe the city is starting to move in the right direction and should look to examples like Nashville for the way forward.

A Century Of Altering The St. Johns River Has Left Jacksonville More Vulnerable To Flooding

In 1898 the St. Johns River went about 18 feet down at its deepest point. Now it’s about 40 feet deep. Do the benefits outweigh the costs of dramatically altering the most significant natural feature in the region?

Green Infrastructure Turns Old Concepts Into New Reality

Many cities around the country now have proven examples of green infrastructure — Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, Portland and St. Petersburg, to name a few. Unfortunately, Jacksonville isn’t one of them. Not yet, at least.

Making A More Resilient River City: Top 10 Findings From New City Council Report

The city of Jacksonville is playing catch-up when it comes to addressing climate change, but it’s now poised to take significant action thanks to the recent work of the City Council’s Special Committee on Resiliency.

Is Rooftop Solar Under Threat In Florida? If So, Jacksonville Could Offer A Glimpse Into The Future

Many are worried that Florida’s powerful investor-owned utilities are pushing regulators to scale back the state’s rooftop solar policy, as JEA did, or get rid of it all together. If successful, the rooftop solar industry across the Sunshine State could start to look a lot like it does in Jacksonville.

Environmental Justice In Jax: Bringing Black Communities To The Climate Table

Environmental advocacy has long been dominated by white voices, even as people of color are more affected by climate change and pollution.

Climate Action On The Rise Within Local Communities Of Faith

Faith-based efforts like Green Spirits are increasingly popping up around the country as Christians — many of them young — start to push back against the skepticism of climate science that has taken root in their communities.

As Neighbors Take Buyouts, Some Jacksonville Residents Question City’s Plan For Flood-Prone Areas

Sea level rise isn’t a hypothetical future issue in low-lying areas of Jacksonville. It’s forcing people to make life-changing decisions right now.

St. Augustine Struggles To Fight A Global Threat On A Small-Town Budget

As the holiday season approaches and residents look ahead to the annual Nights of Lights festival an old enemy is rearing its head: the sea.

TV Weathercasters Could Be Key To Climate Action

Local weathercasters are well positioned to help educate the public on climate change, which researchers say is necessary before people can buy in to addressing its causes.


Beach Nourishment: Not Just Throwing Good Sand After Bad

A riled-up Atlantic Ocean has been biting off and swallowing huge chunks of Northeast Florida beaches during fierce storms in recent years. Millions of dollars have been spent to replenish beach sand, only to sometimes have it disappear with the next storm.


ADAPT: Activating a Resilient Future
Wednesday, October 7, 2020
7PM - 8:30PM

Join us for a conversation addressing issues related to coastal & river flooding, sea level rise, environmental justice, & related policies.

Climate Change & National Security in Northeast Florida

On August 24, WJCT Public Media and the American Security Project hosted an in-person and on-line discussion on how rising sea levels, more frequent and powerful hurricanes, and increasing temperatures in Florida all threaten the training and readiness of forces stationed in Jacksonville. Find out what progress has been made so far, what the future holds, and why combating climate change in the greater Jacksonville area is imperative for America’s national security.

ADAPT: Using Parks & Green Space In The Fight Against Climate Change

On April 20th, WJCT Public Media hosted a virtual panel discussion on the varied roles that parks and green space can play in the fight against climate change (storing carbon, reducing urban temperatures, mitigating flooding) and what you can do to help.

ADAPT: Activating a Resilient Future
Wednesday, October 7, 2020
7PM - 8:30PM

Join us for a conversation addressing issues related to coastal & river flooding, sea level rise, environmental justice, & related policies.

ADAPT: Will A New Administration Change Florida’s Climate Future?

On January 28th, WJCT hosted a virtual panel discussion on what a new year, a new Congress, and a new presidential administration could mean for climate policy in Northeast Florida and beyond.

ADAPT: The State of the St. Johns River

Following the release on October 22 of the annual State of the St. Johns River report, this panel discussion allowed officials in various capacities to react to the report and reflect on how actions taken now could affect the river’s future health.

Activating a Resilient Future

WJCT Public Media, the Northeast Florida Regional Council (NEFRC) and the Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board (JEPB) hosted a virtual community conversation on October 7 featuring two panels of local elected officials and subject matter experts. Issues addressed included coastal & riverine flooding, sea level rise, environmental justice and related policies.

Is There a Connection? Climate Change & Coronavirus

WJCT Public Media and the Northeast Florida Regional Council hosted an ADAPT conversation on July 14 focused on the parallels between, and the intersections of, climate change and the coronavirus and how these crises are affecting our state and region.

ADAPT: Special Edition

Meet six people helping the First Coast adapt to sea level rise and the other effects of climate change

This Jacksonville Scientist Is On A Mission To Change Public Policy

Adam Rosenblatt
Assistant Professor of Biology,
University of North Florida

How To Talk About Climate Change Without Getting Punched In The Face

Lauren Watkins
Director of Behavior Change Strategies,
Impact By Design

Getting My Entire City LEED‑Certified

Shane Corbin
City Manager,
Atlantic Beach

Building Northeast Florida’s Resilience By Bringing Business Leaders To The Table

Sean Lahav
Resiliency Coordinator,
Northeast Florida Regional Council

Florida’s First-Ever State Resilience Officer Is In Listening Mode

Julia Nesheiwat
Chief Resilience Officer,
State of Florida

ADAPT: Edition 1

‘Retreat’ Not An Option For A California Beach Town, But It’s Already Happening In Duval County

The city of Jacksonville is offering to buy out homes in a flood-prone riverfront neighborhood.


‘Lift That Nest Up’: Florida’s Endangered Birds Threatened By Floods

The Florida grasshopper sparrow is the continent’s most endangered bird. Climate change isn’t helping.


Real Estate And Sea Level Rise: A Buyer’s Guide

In Florida, sellers don’t have to disclose flood damage. So how can buyers assess the risk?

The Beaches ADAPT

Some homeowners and city officials in Duval County’s coastal towns are taking rising seas seriously.


These Eco-Friendly Homes Are Built To Weather The Storm

A South Florida builder is trying to make prefabricated chic.

Sandy Soil And Rising Seas Spell Septic Tank Disaster In Florida

The race is on to deal with Florida’s 2.6 million ticking stink bombs.

As Seas Rise, Florida Will Likely Lose More Coastal Property Value Than Any Other State

As coastal property values drop, the economic effects could ripple inland.


Why US Carbon Dioxide Emissions Are Back On The Rise

What’s good for today’s economy isn’t so great for tomorrow’s earth.


This Is The $5.5 Million Houseboat Of The Flooded Future

Read on The Miami Herald

Why let sea rise sink your Miami lifestyle when you can go with the flow?

St. Augustine ADAPTS

In a city whose livelihood depends on its past, it pays to keep history above water.


The New Vanguard Protecting Historic Sites From Sea Level Rise: Volunteers

The Heritage Monitoring Scouts are helping the state decide which pieces of history to save and which to abandon.


How A Maine Island's Residents Are Tackling The Climate Emergency

Read on Experience Magazine

They believe the solutions will come not from laws but from neighbors.


‘Resilience Hubs’ Could Help Northeast Floridians — Including Animals — Weather Floods

City planners can use new data to maximize conservation projects’ impact.

Downtown Jacksonville ADAPTS

A riverfront hospital is bulking up its flood protection after nearly having to evacuate during Hurricane Irma.


How To Make Jacksonville More ‘Resilient’: 2 Committees’ Suggestions

After pulling out of a national resiliency initiative in 2016, the city is working on its own adaptation plans.